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"History's most severe food security act" real network on October 1, carry out "the private secret" food must have physical stores

Release Time: 2015-09-09 14:12:39

   On October 1, the new food security act will be formally implemented, taobao for food industry sellers to upload "food circulation permit" by the end of the month and so on complete access registration certificates. At present, some businesses have begun to deal with related license.

   On April 24, 2015, the 12th session of the 14th meeting of the standing committee of the National People's Congress voted through a new revision of the "food safety law of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as the" new food security act "). This is called "history's most severe food safety law" will come into force on October 1 this year.

New food security law is implemented, make the electric business platform food management with the new requirements to the businessman, many taobao sellers complain on the Internet.

New food security law, taobao sellers?

Sellers are required to upload "food circulation permit" October 1 complete access to register

New food law, third-party platform provider network food trading should net food business operators for real-name registration, clear its food safety management responsibility; In accordance with law, shall acquire the license of, should also review the license.

Reporters call the country's largest electric business platform taobao customer service hotline, customer service staff, told reporters that the current food industry sellers access official execution time is on October 1, the seller only upload "food circulation permit" and through the audit, can sell food in taobao. On October 1, according to the personnel of the service, if not completed after this step, food sellers new products will be banned, "to have goods shelves, shelves processing or regulation, the future will have specific notice."


Huangbin is a college student, she expressed support for the practice. She said that she always had a habit of online shopping, but for private food has been reserved, online purchase "because of this part of the food without access to relevant safety certificates, although looks very good, but there is no guarantee that makers of physical health, production site of the hygiene and food safety." If online are required to open the relevant qualification information, you will be more assured to online food safety.


Taobao sellers certificate meet what problem?

Part of the seller three certificates Completion of 16 inspection may apply for transfer of change

Taobao as early as the beginning of February, issued a "food sellers license upload revised notice in the official announcement, encourage the merchants of the initiative to upload business credentials.


Korea Chen on taobao opened a sales personal shops, "brewed rice wine", at this point he is waiting for local food drug administration to deal with the results. "Procedures are now I do, on October 1st, to almost can do." Xiao Chen through a local production of rice wine and other foods, because the business license of the factory main body is not himself, Chen and ask for a business license, food circulation permit and taobao shop main body person id 3 card is consistent, "so now I am in handling individual business license."


Taobao has told reporters: "the current related taobao sellers in case of three certificates are inconsistent in addition to deal with individual business license, another approach is to upgrade the shop." Explain taobao, taobao shop owner can choose individuals to deal with individual business license, or a store to businesses. If choose to businesses, charge a fee of $190. Using food production of food production license certification, food circulation permit, the main body person id information should be consistent with them.


If you choose to change the individual shops into businesses, a complete set of related documents will be replaced by the manufacturer's things, will not be taobao shop does not belong to the original owner? Taobao customer service response is: "after changed, does in such a situation, because the original owner of personal information and the shops unbundling."


Set up shop, taobao for three certificates (main body, the business license and food circulation permit), and for the main purpose of food vendors in a year, open to change change the entrance. Before apply for the transfer of change, taobao sellers need to be completed 16 condition check, not by examining the seller to transfer. Change the transfer have 30 days to fair show period. Food producers or marketers need to be licensed business (excluding agricultural products), platform attached to audit the responsibility of the operator certificate at the same time. Therefore, taobao sellers must according to their own food circulation permit the scope of operation, to accurately access application, such as multiple types of management can be submitted multiple access.


Its homegrown products, overseas act as purchasing agency will be affected?

Self-marketing agricultural products are not affected Some overseas act as purchasing agency shall provide the license

Taobao customer service staff, told reporters that the pall of edible agricultural products currently does not need to provide the license. "If agriculture and business local characteristics food businesses, for example you're selling a self-marketing agricultural products, fruits, vegetables, aquatic products, seafood, no packaging, no QS logo merchandise, is don't need a license."

It is understood that taobao to overseas direct mail, act as purchasing agency temporarily do not require (to release baby choice when purchasing, inventory status, based on the point of origin and other conditions). Taobao hotline customer service said, at present, by way of direct mail to food distribution to buyers overseas act as purchasing agency business, does not require provide the license. But through the way of domestic transport will act as purchasing agency food delivery to the customer, act as purchasing agency merchant shipping address in mainland China, still need to provide "food circulation permit".

 In taobao business act as purchasing agency of taobao sellers as Hong Kong, often between the mainland and Hong Kong, adopt the method of procurement of Hong Kong, the mainland delivery. Small as taobao shop in addition to operating in Hong Kong on behalf of daily necessities, cosmetics, also sell food, including cookies, cakes. According to the taobao customer service, if in accordance with the method of small as now business purchased overseas food, as the need to provide food circulation permit. As said she would consider don't take the way of the goods in taobao bought food.