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Tangzheng company sales training in 2016 held a successful meeting

Release Time: 2016-03-03 17:25:54

February 17, 2016, Zheng corporate headquarters in Shenzhen, held a training session in 2016 sales, this sales training will be a comprehensive summary of the 2015 full-year sales arrangements for the 2016's sales plan, participants were trained product knowledge and application of knowledge. Each leading the company, all the marketing department sales staff, technical staff and sales, technical service personnel to participate in the meeting.

The meeting in a warm festive atmosphere, Group Chairman Mr. Xu Jing of this sales training meeting a speech to the general domestic and international partners, has been the concern and support of new and old friends Zheng-enterprise development, and staff employees and their families, to extend Spring Festival greetings and good wishes of the Monkey, thank you pay in fiscal 2015 to support the development of enterprises to Zheng, trust and hard work! At the same time the company's 2015 annual outstanding sales manager, sales manager of the year 2015 with outstanding contributions for the recognition, and celebration party will be held.